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Ionic 2 | Installation Guide
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Winter is upon us, and I finally found some time to start my new article series covering next Ionic iteration also known as Ionic 2.0. Unlike a previous 1.0 version, this one requires AngularJS 2.0 so make sure you have at least a basic understanding.

How to Use Pipes to Manipulate Data in Ionic 2
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Pipes are super useful to have in your application – in general they are used to manipulate data before displaying it to the user (think date conversions, formatting and so on). Before we get into how to use them though, I’ll give a little more background.

A quick example of the Ionic Loading Widget
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One of the things I love most about Ionic is how rapidly you can build applications. Many of the cooler features are simple things that can be quickly implemented for an easy win. I like easy wins. Here is a great example of that – the Ionic Loading widget.

Using Charts In Your Ionic Framework Mobile App
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I’m always trying to add more flair to the mobile applications that I develop whether it be through slick user interfaces or graphics. For a while now I’ve wanted to mess around with charts in my mobile applications, but it kept getting pushed to my development back-burner.

Part 4: How to publish our calculator application to the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store
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This is the fourth post in a series of posts which will teach you how to take advantage of your web development knowledge in building hybrid applications for iOS and Android. The series comprises of the following published tutorials:

Ionic and Typescript: Part 4
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In our last screencast, we converted all of our Angular controllers to ES6-styled classes. Now, let’s take a look at that factory and how we can make it a class, and get code completion for all of its methods.

Understanding Filters in Ionic
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In Ionic, a filter is an entity whose sole purpose is to use a function to transform a given value or set of values. Applied to an array, a filter will be run once for each element in the array. In this article, we’ll look at filters and how to use them.

Ionic Framework + Firebase Tutorial
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You can either download the sample project, or follow the instructions below. You need to add your Firebase account information to Auth0. Once the user logs in to the App, Auth0 will use this information to issue a Firebase authentication token.

Adding Social Login with Firebase | The Official Ionic Blog
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Firebase has become one of the most popular backend solutions for modern apps. With SDKs for almost every platform you can think of, it provides a real-time database that allows you to keep all your users in sync.

**How to Minify an Ionic Application using Gulp and Cordova Hooks **
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I recently wrote about how I switched from PhoneGap Build to using PhoneGap locally which involved tweaking my development process a little bit and figuring out what differences there were between the two approaches.

Ionic Superpowers for Web Developers by @mhartington at #fstoco - YouTube
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Ionic has become one of the best ways to create Cordova apps, providing developers with everything you need to build high-quality apps using web technologies. What else can Ionic do for developers? We’ll look at some services that Ionic provides thats give web developers superpower to create high qu

Android emulator through android studio - YouTube
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An example of the android emulator setup through android studio

Is your Ionic View title not updating? | Raymond Camden’s Blog
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Ok, so I run into this once a month or so. I’m writing this just so I can – hopefully – remember it this time. This isn’t a bug or anything in Ionic – but I’m wondering if it should be documented a bit more clearer for people like me. (AKA old dense people.)

Ionic Framework | Working With Forms And Validation
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I would like to use this article to talk about Ionic Framework form handling and validation. I will demonstrate it by building a simple login application, it’s simply one of an easiest examples of form manipulations.

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