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##Upcoming Events

Ionic Workshop on Jan 16th from 10am-1pm at Gangplank
_via Justin James @digitaldrummerj Tags: ionic

Are you a web developer that wants to create a mobile application but doesn’t know where to start? Then this free workshop is for you.

Ionic Az Monthly Meeting - January 26th 6:30pm-9pm at Integrate
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Come hang out with other Ionic developers and learn how to release your ionic application to the Apple and Google stores.


StrongLoop and LoopBack Webinar Series
_via Strongloop @strongloop Tags: Strongloop

3 part webinar series will introduce you to Node.js API composition using the open source Loopback framework and StrongLoop Arc Push and Analytics That Don’t Suck
_via Carlos Paelinck @carlos_paelinck Tags: ionic1

Let’s take a look at, a service platform for push notifications and analytics that integrates well with Ionic framework.

Ionic Framework Working With Forms And Validation
_via Dragan Gaic @gajotres Tags: ionic1

I would like to use this article to talk about Ionic Framework form handling and validation. I will demonstrate it by building a simple login application, it’s simply one of an easiest examples of form manipulations.

Angular JS blog series
_via Gabriel Schenker @gnschenker Tags: angular

This is a series of posts about AngularJS and our experiences with it while migrating the client of a complex enterprise application from Silverlight to HTML5/CSS/JavaScript using AngularJS as a framework.

10 Awesome Gulp Plugins Working with AngularJS and Bower
_via Shaun Xu Tags: angular, gulp

Below are some gulp plugins I’m using in my Angular.JS website for build and deployment. Basically what I need are
1. Generate

Handling CORS issues in Ionic
_via Ionic Framework @ionicframework Tags: ionic1

If you’ve used ionic serve or ionic run with live reload and accessing external API endpoints, chances are you’ve gotten an error that mentions No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘http://localhost:8100’ is therefore not allowed access.

Print Data To Paper Or PDF Using Ionic Framework
_via Nic Raboy @nraboy Tags: ionic1

Have you ever built an app that has heavy content that might need to one day be printed to a PDF or to paper? Both iOS and Android have printing functionality. With the Apache Cordova Printer Plugin printing to either of these platforms couldn’t be easier.

Learning Cordova’s config.xml? Check out this online tool
_via Raymond Camden @raymondcamden Tags: cordova

If you are having trouble understanding how to use Cordova’s config.xml file, or perhaps just want to see examples of what various options do, check out Holly Schinsky’s excellent new tool: Interactive Guide to PhoneGap config.xml.

How To Use LokiJS For Local Storage In Your Ionic App
_via Ashteya Biharisingh @ashteya Tags: ionic1

LokiJS creates an in-memory database and allows you to query it efficiently using an API that is similar to MongoDB. You can even persist the database with IndexedDB, as a JSON file or write your own adapter to store it.

50 Free Books for Web Designers & Developers
_via Paul Andrew @speckyboy Tags: web development

Nice list of free ebooks that you can download.

Kill $scope - Replace it with controllerAs – Angularity
_via Dave Ceddia @dceddia Tags: angular

You’re chugging along great with your Angular app, following John Papa’s Style Guide like you’ve heard you should be. Then you run into a problem and find a that is using $scope all over the place! Learn how to transform the $scope’d code into your nicely styled code.

Installing past or future versions of npm packages
_via Dr. Axel Rauschmayer @rauschma Tags: npm

Learn how to use npm to install versions of packages other than the current one.

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