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Changing name of an app that was already uploaded to the Ionic platform
_via Mike Hartington @mhartington Tags: ionic platform

A good question came up in the Ionic Slack today. A dev was looking to change the name of an app that was already uploaded to the Ionic platform portal. When you start an ionic project from the CLI, along with all the html/css/js that you need, it creats an ionic.project file.

Create A Real Time Chat Application With The CEAN Stack and
_via Nic Raboy @nraboy Tags: couchbase, node,

I’ve always wondered what it took to develop a real-time chat application. Being able to broadcast messages instantly to other people using the same application is a pretty cool concept. Since I’ve been playing around a lot with the Couchbase, Express, Angular, and Node.js (CEAN) stack, I figured it would be pretty awesome to try to make a chat application using those technologies. To make life easy, I found a pretty sweet library called, which will do a lot of the tough broadcasting work.

We’re going to see how to create a very simple chat application, that with a little imagination, can become something incredible.

Creating a Feed in Ionic
_via Andrew McGivery @andrewmcgivery Tags: ionic1

In my previous posts Understanding Ionic’s Infinite Scroll and Understanding Pull to Refresh I covered two of the basic building blocks of building the popular feed pattern often seen in apps, especially social media apps. In this post we’ll break down putting the two techniques from the articles above to create the full feed pattern with a pull to refresh and infinite scroll. We’ll also look at some bonus functionality to add in.

Debugging AngularJS Apps from the Console
_via Max Lynch @maxlynch Tags: debugging

When building AngularJS apps, it can be challenging to access data and services hidden deep in our application through the Javascript console in Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

Going from static to dynamic with Ionic Creator
_via Raymond Camden @raymondcamden Tags: ionic creator

As I’ve mentioned more than once now, I’m really happy with how much Ionic Creator has improved recently. For this blog post, I thought it might be useful to demonstrate how you could go from a “static” Ionic Creator proof of concept to a dynamic one that made use of a real API.

**Hello World with TypeScript and Angular 1.4 **
_via Geertjan Wielenga @geertjanw Tags: typescript, angular1

In this blog entry, I want to attempt to put together a simple Angular scenario where the relevance of TypeScript is shown, while using NetBeans IDE 8.1. I have struggled to find complete and correct Angular/TypeScript instructions for a simple scenario anywhere on-line.

How to Create a YouTube AngularJS Directive
_via Dhananjay Kumar Tags: directives,angular

I have often seen, developers come across requirement to embed a YouTube video in an AngularJS application. In this post, we will learn to create a simple YouTube AngularJS directive and also to use some of the popular directive from the GitHub.

How to get ‘Rate My App’ to Increase Appstore Ratings with Ionic
_via Simon Reimler @schlimmson Tags: ionic

Having a great app but not getting any reviews? You might just need to push your app users a little bit to get more ratings for your app! Therefore, I will show you how to add a simple cordova plugin in your ionic app to attract more users to rate your app.

Making a Signature Drawpad with Ionic
_via Simon Reimler @schlimmson Tags: ionic

Recently I was working on some app and wanted an opportunity for the user to write something down. As I was working with the html5 canvas, I found a very good looking library which I want to show you today: The signature pad.

My first O’Reilly Book: Client-Side Data Storage
_via Raymond Camden @raymondcamden Tags: storage, books

While I’ve released a few videos for O’Reilly already (you can find all my ORA material on my author page), today I’m happy to announce the release of my first book. This is – to me – the coolest day ever.

Playing with StrongLoop – Building a Blog – Part One
_via Raymond Camden @raymondcamden Tags: strongloop

This year I’ve decided I’m going to write the hell out of some Node code. That’s both good and bad. It means I’ll be learning more and more about Node as a side effect but on the flip side, I’ll probably be producing a bunch of silly, not-terribly-practical examples as I go along.

Playing with StrongLoop – Building a Blog – Part Two
_via Raymond Camden @raymondcamden Tags: strongloop

Welcome to the next blog entry in my series describing building a real (kinda) application with StrongLoop. In the last entry, I talked about the application I was creating (a simple blog), built the model, and demonstrated how to work with the model on the server-side.

Seeding data for a StrongLoop app
_via Raymond Camden @raymondcamden Tags: strongloop

This is just a quick post as a followup to something I mentioned in my post yesterday on building a blog with Strongloop. I mentioned that while working on my application, I kept losing my temporary data as I was using the “In Memory” datasource that is the default persistence method for data.

Sharing Data Between Controllers? Best Practice: Use a Service
_via Dave Ceddia @dceddia Tags: angular1

Angular started off nice and easy. Magical, even. “Two-way binding! Wow!” And you trotted off and started building your masterpiece, until you hit a snag: you’re building standalone components like everyone online suggests, but how do you share data between those components?

Shrinking Headers Like Facebook With the Ionic Framework
_via Simon Reimler @schlimmson Tags: ionic1

Shrinking headers have become very popular in apps like Facebook, where you need to scroll much content. When you start scrolling, the headers disappears very smooth to grant your users more space on the screen to read the actual content.

Social login with Ionic - Firebase
_via David East Tags: firebase

The best way to build a hybrid app is to deal with the underlying details of Cordova as little as possible. For this, Ionic is your best friend. Ionic abstracts the difficult parts of hybrid development into an easy to use SDK. But, there still is one area of difficulty. Social login.

Speaking with Cordova – Text To Speech and Voice Recognition using the Ionic Framework
_via Simon Reimler @schlimmson Tags: ionic1, voice recognition

Using Siri, Google Now or Cortana to talk with your smartphone is pretty normal these days. But have you ever considered creating your own Voice Dialog? And would you think this is possible within a hybrid app using Cordova and the Ionic Framework? Let me prove it to you.

Unit Testing Apache Cordova Apps with Visual Studio, Part 1
_via Kraig Brockschmidt @kraigbro Tags: testing

Great apps—like great artists, actors, and athletes—are great performers. Human beings validate and continually improve their performances through extensive training, practice, rehearsals, and after-the-fact reviews.

Unit Testing Apache Cordova Apps with Visual Studio, Part 2
_via Kraig Brockschmidt @kraigbro Tags: testing

Part 1 of this post provided some background on unit testing with a basic example in Visual Studio for an app written with Apache Cordova.

Angular Testing part 1: Not testing your Angular code? Here’s how to start
_via Dave Ceddia @dceddia Tags: testing

You know you should be testing your Angular code. But you aren’t. It’s painful, too, seeing article after article espousing the need to test.

Angular Testing Part 2: Jasmine Syntax
_via Dave Ceddia @dceddia Tags: testing

In Part 1 of this series we looked at how to set up Karma and Jasmine, and wrote our first test. If you haven’t done much or any testing up til now, Jasmine’s syntax can look a little strange. There’s nested describe, it, beforeEach blocks, and those expect matchers…

Angular Testing Part 3: Testing Recipes
_via Dave Ceddia @dceddia Tags: testing

If you’re just joining, you may want to check out Part 1: Karma Setup and Part 2: Jasmine Syntax. You aren’t writing tests for your Angular app. The code base is growing and you’re feeling more apprehensive each passing day. You’d like to start testing, but where do you start?

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