Ionic Az Issue #4

Upcoming Events

Ionic Az Monthly Meeting - June 28th 6:30pm-9pm at Integrate
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Database Driven Api Creation Made Easy Breezy with Backand

ng-phx Monthly Meeting - June 22nd 6:30pm at Go Digital Marketing
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Oh yea, it is FIREBASE time

Ionic Az Monthly Meeting - July 26th 6:30pm-9pm
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Come learn all about ionic2 and see all of the cool new features. We will be co-meeting with the ng-phx group


Ionic Wheel
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Part 1: Learn to create a menu that is positioned center screen and has clickable menu items that rotate on drag

Ionic Wheel 2 + Velocity Decay
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Part 2 of the Wheel tutorial. Incorporating velocity decay on drag end, also known as the event that occurs after a user swipes their digit across the screen.

Ionic Item Expand
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Simple variant of an accordion that expands overflow content.

Ionic - Stop Icons from Overlapping in Ion List › Justin James
_via Justin James @digitaldrummerj Tags: ionic1

Learning how to have 2 icons in an ion-list side by side without overlapping when using item-icon-right or item-icon-left.

Ionic Nifty Modal
_via Loring Dodge Tags: ionic1

Modal that supports multiple animations and is centered with margins.

Ionic Tinder Cards 2
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Extension of the Tinder Cards with a different layout

Ionic Swoosh Cards
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Swoosh Cards is a directive that more smoothly transitions cards forward as they are discarded than previous iterations of Tinder Cards as it solely relies on the collide.js animation engine and does not rely on drag events.

Make A Gallery-Like Image Grid Using Ionic Framework
_via Nic Raboy @nraboy Tags: ionic1

Learn how to make an image gallery grid in Ionic

Ionic OkCupid Side Menu
_via Loring Dodge Tags: ionic1

Side Menu with transition animation where the content increased in scale and decreased in opacity based on the open ratio of the menu.

Ionic Pill Buttons
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Learn how to make rounded pill buttons

Creating an Attractive Login Screen in Ionic with Flexbox
_via Josh Morony @joshuamorony Tags: ionic1

Learn how to make a nice login screen using Flexbox

How to Create Complex Layouts in Ionic
_via Josh Morony @joshuamorony Tags: ionic1

Learn how to create complex layouts in Ionic using Flexbox

Ionic Tour
_via Loring Dodge Tags: ionic1

Simulate a tour of your mobile app with the use of a tourtip that translates itself to whichever element is the next step on the tour. Great way to onboard people to your application.

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